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Fishing for Followers: How to Hook and Reel Them In.

When you are posting on social media or creating an ad campaign, you should consider using HOOKS to improve your engagement with your audience. A marketing HOOK is a tagline, slogan, statement or jingle that grabs the reader's attention. A good hook will be aligned with your brand and will lure your customer in to read more or purchase what you are selling.

Here are 5 Hooks you can use to boost your social media engagement and increase your followers.

  1. Use Numbers: Phrases like "5 Tips" or "8 Strategies" are visually appealing and will capture your audiences attention. They also allow you to neatly organise content in to a format that will make it easier for the reader to digest.

  2. Ask Questions that AROUSE CURIOSITY: Hooks like, "What is the best way to end an unhappy marriage", "Do you want to make $1000 a month in passive income?", "What songs are trending right now?" are all hooks that encourage the reader to engage with your content. They are also more likely to be saved and shared.

  3. HIT THEM IN THE FEELS! A hook that creates an emotional response is more likely to be read and will increase your engagement. You don't need to make your customer's cry- you can make them laugh, feel special, happy or even create the feeling of mystery.

  4. A strong hook will let your audience know that they are being treated to a glimpse at material that has never been exposed before, a marketing secret or even an insider tip. "Secrets of..." for example, is an effective hook that will draw readers in.

  5. Share NEW information: Stay ahead of the game and try to share new information. This could be a predicted trending song, a new feature that has been released on a social media platform or a new update to a software that is popular within your niche. Hooks that use phrases such as "New ways of..." or "New Rules of..." will hook your readers and engage them in your content.

Happy Fishing!


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