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Blushed Ink Cosmetics

This is how we helped Blushed Ink Cosmetics LEVEL UP and improve their branding, their reach and their visibility. 


The Rebrand

Sarah wanted to give her business a facelift and create a more "professional" aesthetic. We were initially commissioned to create a new logo for Blushed Ink Cosmetics, to develop a brand kit and create some social media content for a collaboration give away.  

As always, we offered a free consultation and conducted a business assessment to analyse what assets and platforms exist, how they are performing, what could be upgraded or altered for improvement and potential branding or marketing avenues that were being missed. Because Sarah is so motivated and business minded, this consultation quickly became a week long brainstorming session, full of awesome ideas and creativity. 

Blushed Ink Cosmetics Brand Guidelines

Sarah wanted to create a brand that utilised pinks to reflect the service she most enjoyed performing, lip blush tattooing. We incorporated a soft pink tone in to her logo that reflected a combination of 'make-up' and 'ink' to represent the cosmetic tattooing element of her business, which is also what most of her revenue is derived from, compared to her other services, such as brow lamination. We created Brand Guidelines which only uses the cursive font in her logo and then, depending on the aesthetic and purpose, alternates between a visually appealing font for socials or an easy to read font for printed advertising, such as her price list. 

A Website that is user-friendly and easy for Sarah to manage and make her own edits.

We conducted a business assessment free of charge and consulted with Sarah to develop short term and long term goals to increase her reach and convert leads in to bookings. This relationship evolved and quickly included helping Sarah to establish a solid foundation by creating a website with automations and a booking system. The site features 19 unique pages and includes service pages, FAQ's and the business instagram feed integrated in to a Gallery Page. There are CTA's, 'Special banners', images with accompanying ALT text, multiple enquiry forms and personalised automated emails connected to the booking process.


Sarah was amazing and so motivated, she trusted us with her copywriting and we wrote her "about me" section and business objectives to develop and build a user-friendly website that showcases her various services. The website was built separately to be mobile friendly and SEO optimisation was conducted across all web pages. Our goal was to build a site that Sarah, who had no experience with HTML or plugins, could manage herself and make edits to without having to outsource and pay a monthly fee. 

Website build for The C Word Client

Identify what sets you apart from the competition and capitalise on your strengths 

Client loyalty program that was developed by the C Word

When reviewing Sarah's existing brand, we noticed that there were practices that she was already implementing, such as a discounted rate on touch up services for existing clients, that she wasn't marketing.  We spent some time consulting with Sarah, developing potential marketing approaches that could be advertised across all platforms.  We helped her develop a 'Blushed Ink Loyalty Program' campaign and advertise across all platforms, which automatically helps her stand out and differentiates her from her competition. 

Sarah had teamed up with a registered nurse, who operated out of the studio on the days Sarah wasn't working. So, we teamed up with Britt and Sarah to help create a collaboration competition on social media, as a way to expand their reach and grow followers. 

We also set up a Linktree and Google Business account for Sarah to enhance her brand, credibility and extend her reach within her location and with her target audience. 

Client Linktree

Other Content Created by The C Word- Creative Consultancy

Price list service
Brochure service for client
content creation for client
Content creation for client
Content creation for client
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