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Content creation for Mana Soul Healing

Natalie Merino is a spiritual healer and had recently started her business, 'Mana Soul Healing'. After launching Natalie realised that she didn't really understand social media or how to convert here knowledge in to content....

The Rebrand with a sprinkle of

Converting your ideas in to content isn't always easy. Natalie was trying to fit 100 words + on to an instagram tile, overlapping images with transparent text and had no real process or method to her social media posting or marketing. When Natalie approached us, she did so to discuss a logo. From here we took Natalie under our wing. She had the motivation, the drive and the passion to succeed,  but had limited understanding in how to use social media to capture the audiences attention, to use a CTA (Call to Action) or how to create tiles that said what she wanted to say, but also looked good while doing it. 

We love the less is more approach. We met with Natalie for a few consultation appointments to find out more about her brand, her target audience and her short term and long term goals. We created multiple logos to incorporate across her brand and helped write up a mission statement, branding guidelines, hashtag guide and then created samples of blogs and social media posts. These were not just given to Natalie with a "best of luck" handover message. We met most nights on a video call for a week, to teach Natalie the do's and do nots of content creation. 

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Brand guidelines created for C Word Client
hashtag guidebook created for C Word client

Mana Soul Healing's Brand Guidelines were created and presented in an easy to read and navigate e-Book. 

Natalie's existing Instagram incorporated a lot of colour, including digital art that she created to reflect the astral realms and light language. We suggested that rather than incorporate colour in a random order, why not reflect the colours of each Chakra in a 6 square Instagram layout. This would keep her feed unified and be visually appealing to users of the app. 

We created taglines, imagery and artworks planners and typography samples. We also focused strongly in teaching Natalie how to develop her brand's voice- rather than writing in first person, as 'Natalie'. 

Many of our client's, especially those without social media or technological experience find programs that they haven't heard of to be overwhelming (Like Trello or Teams). We created a social media communications planner for Mana Soul Healing in a WORD document format for this reason. 

Our content planner is created to depict what to post and in what order, with a clear visual. It is then accompanied by content that can be copied directly in to instagram.

This is an example of the initial planner we created before convincing Natalie that a lot of her content would make great Blog posts!

Content Planner



Before image of client's business feed on social media

Here is an example of a post Mana Soul Healing was sharing before the consultation services and mentoring with the C Word. As you can see, the imagery is layered and very disorientating and the text is written on an overlay in a font and colour that is difficult to decipher. The imagery Natalie was able to create after working with us is much more visually appealing, concise and impactful. 

BLOG FOG- what to write and how....

If you have a business, you need a blog. This applies to any brand that is hoping to drive traffic to their website. They are a great tool to help convert traffic in to leads and drive long-term results, particularly if your business is selling a service and a lot of what you are selling is your knowledge or teachings- such as with a spiritual practitioner. 

Blogs are great because you can write about a topic and cover in-depth content, without needing to omit information to fit it in to a social media post. The best part is, blogs can be repurposed in to social media content and can be broken down in to stories, reels and infographics. Natalie had never heard of blogging and so we taught her how to use a blog to connect to her audience, how to develop her brand's voice and showcase her abilities in a way that is authentic and engaging to her followers and like-minded social media users. 

After creating a blog and delving in to subjects that she wanted to cover, Natalie became more confident in sharing her teachings and decided to start a Youtube Channel and appear in podcasts. Now, she can link to these platforms through her blog and social media and create a marketing funnel that has increased her revenue and online presence dramatically. 

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