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The Positivity Movement client

The Positivity Movement

The C Word- Creative Consultancy is proud to have worked alongside founder, Felicity, on the development and launch of the Positivity Movement. We have provided Flick with consultancy services, copywriting and content creation to develop a business model, brand story, messaging and visual identity of the brand. We were then contracted to work on copywriting and content creation for a 100+ page e-book/journal that is set to launch in 2023.

When you're an ideas person, but building a business is overwhelming and you don't know where to begin....

Felicity first reached out to us for a consultancy service- she had an idea, her website was being built, but her business plan and model were changing and she was trying to piece all of her ideas together and find a way to make them "work". 

The challenge when launching a new business is to not get swept up in the long term goals ie.  "and then I can do this", and "then we can do that"....all of a sudden, you've forgotten where your starting point was and you're overwhelmed.
When you are developing a business plan, branding guidelines and messaging it is best to bring it back to the basics: What is your timeline for launch? What are the documents you require to launch and operate your business? What are you business goals? Does your messaging align with your goals? Who is your target audience?What is the purpose of your brand? How do you differ from other company's in your industry?

Once we sat down with Felicity and started at the beginning, the creativity began to flow in a way that was manageable and that naturally created a "to-do list". 

Felicity, founder of the Positivity Movement. Client of the C Word

Services Provided

Business strategy and branding consultation

  • Identified niche 

  • Investigated competitors and the "gaps" in the industry and how to fill them

  • Developed key messaging that directly relates to business goals

  • Modified business plan and business goals

  • Created short term and long term goals and 'to-do lists'

Copywriting/Content creation

  • Marketing messaging

  • Brand story

  • Webpage writing

Policy & Procedure Documentation created:

  • Best practice checklist as an unregistered sole trader provide of NDIS

  • Critical Incident Report Policy

  • Individual Support Service Agreement (NDIS)

  • Misconduct/Non-Performance reporting template

  • Schedule of Supports

  • Consent to release of imagery (adult and minor)

  • Code of Conduct (15 pages)

  • Consent to Collect and Share information policy

  • Nomination of Support Person form

  • Privacy Policy

All frameworks and policies align and comply with current Australian Law and obligations under the relevant Acts.

We are Content Ninjas. We research a topic and can produce content and copy in your brand's voice 

Felicity hired The C Word- Creative Consultancy to help her formulate an e-Journal as a product that she could offer for sale on her website as another revenue stream. Felicity's objective is to help clients find their joy, so naturally we suggested that this should be the theme of the e-journal. We developed a plan for possible content ideas, from the psychology behind "joy", how "joy" can benefit an individual's life and possible roadblocks to unlocking Joy. We then created a series of pages and self-help activities for readers and the journal which began at 20 pages, quickly grew in to over 100 pages of self-help guidance and mental health information. 

Sample of copy created for client
Sample of copy created for client
Client logo- The Positivity Movement
E-journal we helped develop
E-journal we helped develop

Content produced & Topics we Covered

  • What is Joy- the Psychology​

  • The Value of Joy

  • The pathways to Joy

  • Cultivating Joy

  • Mindfulness

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-perception

  • Self-Reflection

  • Understanding your Personality

  • Worrying

  • Helpful Thinking

  • The Growth Mindset

  • Self-Care (Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Sensory)

  • The Value of Boundaries (Personal, Emotional and Professional)

felicity joy.jpeg

I have loved working with the C Word. Rachel is very personable, passionate and diligent. Her creativity is second to none. I would actually get goosebumps during our creative brainstorming sessions. Rachel is very intelligent and understands how to grow a business. She has helped us with her incredible copywriting skills and we were blown away by her attention to detail while working on the eBook. She is quick, forward thinking and always ensures you reach your end goal. Highly recommend!

Felicity, Long Term Client

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