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The Full Story


The tale of transforming 'Beautiful by Britt' in to the Glow Up Cosmetics brand.

Client rebrand- new logo and new name

The difference between starting a small business and building a brand....

Britt had recently started an injectables business, but was unhappy with her branding. The first thing we said to Britt was, "don't pigeon hole yourself". If you have BIG dreams for your small business, set up your brand to reflect them.  By having "cosmetic injectables" in her logo, it didn't leave room for the additional cosmetic procedures that she eventually wants to do. You want your business to reflect you, but you also want it to stand out from your competitors. Having your first name in your business name ie. Beautiful by Britt, keeps you small and reduces the likelihood that your mindset will ever move beyond it being just yourself as an owner/operator. Injectables and cosmetic procedures are an in demand service- you can aim bigger! Always think expansion. 

Eventually Britt incorporated "Glow Up" in to her business name because it's a phrase used within her target audience to describe a "beauty transition". We kept the colour theme the same, because it was the palette Britt liked and we incorporated a soft 'glow' to reflect the business name. Your logo should make sense and reflect your brand. 

A website and booking system to help the business glow up and GROW up.

Client website build

When we were first contracted by Britt, she didn't have a website or a booking system. She managed booking enquiries through her social media and personal calendar. We built her a website that featured all of her services and incorporated a booking system with multiple payment methods and Afterpay. 

Her booking system is able to take enquiries, deposits and book multiple services at once. We taught Britt how to use the backend of her site so that she is able to edit it and manage it herself, without having to pay a monthly fee or ongoing costs. 

We were commissioned to do all of the copywriting for Britt's site. From her 'About Us' section and business profile, to the FAQ's for all injectables and dermal fillers. This is our jam! We instantly knew that Britt needed to find her niche' and have messaging across her site that could translate to her socials and that would expand her reach and convert new leads in to bookings. 

The Brand's GLOW UP

This is Glow Up Cosmetics Instagram after their rebrand from The C Word- Creative Consultancy

Before image of client's social media


Social Media Management by the C Word


Branding is More Than a Logo

We helped Britt develop the brand guidelines and messaging for Glow Up Cosmetics, which included identifying her target audience. Many of Britt's clients are middle aged women, so despite this going against the "norm" for injectables marketing on the Gold Coast, we encouraged Britt to use middle aged women in her marketing. Many of Britt's client's are men, so we also developed marketing to target her male demographic, by integrating 'Brotox' and 'Bro, it's time to Glow' within her messaging.  Identifying her target audience helped us to develop content and copy that resulting in more engagement and more leads. 

Content Creation for Glow Up Cosmetics client

Stand out from the crowd with copywriting & content creation

Glow Up Cosmetics stands out from other private, home-based studios because it offers Afterpay, it is cheaper and because a large portion of clientele are men. This was something we encouraged Britt to capitalise on. Most injectable businesses aim their marketing solely at women. We helped Britt find her niche'. Britt advertises 'Glow Up transformations' for women and 'Brotox' for men. We built her website to cater to her male and female target audience, by separating the services completely, despite the name and method of the service being the same across gender.  We also helped with the marketing campaign for Glow Up Cosmetics website launch and encouraged Britt to market a "limited time only" sale for Anti-Wrinkle treatments, to compliment her launch and encourage traffic to her website. 

Messaging for client
Content Creation for Glow Up Cosmetics
Marketing campaign for client
Content creation for C Word client
Content Creation for glow up cosmetics
Content Creation for Glow Up Cosmetics

Make Marketing Assets Your Best Friend!

As well as a number of social media tiles with copy, we created a Gift Voucher and brochure for Glow Up Cosmetics. Evidence suggests that in today's digital world, despite the popularity of online marketing techniques and social media, print-based marketing is a vital component of a company's successful marketing structure. A brochure and mailbox drop in her local community was encouraged to help Britt maintain her presence offline and develop new leads. 

Client's gift voucher created by the C Word
Advertising forGlow Up Cosmetics created by The C Word

Rachel at the C Word- Creative Consultancy offers the most professional and passionate social media marketing and creative services that I have ever worked with. Whilst establishing my new, small business, I sought guidance and inspiration. Rachel has coached and supported me, helping me rename my business and designed a new logo, implemented successful social media posts which boosted my online presence and most importantly, created my website!


Recruiting the services of the C Word has allowed me to focus on the parts of my business that I do well and love the most. Rachel offers the complete package- affordability, professionalism, maximum social media exposure and a fun working environment. I am so grateful and confident that my exciting new venture is in capable and caring hands!

Britt, Glow Up Cosmetics

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